What is EasyBetaTest?

A quick & Transparent review

App Developers need to deploy their Android, iOS and Windows Phone Apps to testers and receive feedback. EasyBetaTest was created because other testing platforms are NOT as easy-to-use for basic App deployment, distribution and tester feedback and management.

Why EasyBetaTest?

A quick & Easy guide

EasyBetaTest has been designed to empower a developer to Register, Upload a Build and Invite Testers - all within 10 Minutes from Signing Up. Then, dive deeper and discover our uniquely simple, but tremendously powerful Tester Management interface - only available on EasyBetaTest.

Our Mission

Pursuing Innovation

Our mission is to be regarded as the most powerful, easy-to-use testing platform for Developers and Testers. We expect to accomplish this through our relentless design-cycle focused on simplicity-above-complexity. To our continuous pursuit to offer the best user interface in the App Testing business.

A Leading APP

Testing Platform


The EasyBetaTest Tester feedback and Management System is the easiest-to-use in the App testing business and, exemplifies our commitment to creating solutions which are both simple and powerful.


EasyBetaTest is a new platform and does not yet have its own API. We are working to expand features while remaining faithful to our mission to remain both simple and powerful.